Earlams Official Opening July 2014
Celebrating the opening of Earlams

The Management Committee

We are a group of volunteers with a sound mix of expertise and professional skills, who have been working hard since the public meeting in December, 2013, to develop and implement a plan to open a store and café as a sustainable and viable business. We all believe passionately that the village needs a village store. We have invested our time and energy voluntarily without financial reward. In keeping with the ethos of community investment, we are all investing into this project.

If you have any questions  or would like to get involved in this exciting project please email earlamsfinance@gmail.com and an appropriate member of the management committee and we will be pleased to help.

Your management committee and our responsibilities are:

John Novak                   Chairman

Jan Dixon                       Secretary

Liz Jones                       Treasurer

Vince Pagent                 Vice Chair & Building Project and Maintenance

Peter Weigh                   Café Team

Jean Burke                     Cafe Team

Helen White                   Gallery Manager